Architectural design is the main focus of our bureau. Do you wish to build a presentable and modern building, while avoiding unnecessary financial costs? Use our architectural design service. A well-designed project will allow you to build a stylish and comfortable dream home, where everything is thought out to the smallest detail.


What is included in designing a cottage?

  • Assistance in forming technical requirements.
  • Concept creation. We create plans based on the technical requirements and provide a 3D layout of the building.
  • Drafting of all project documentation for obtaining a construction license
  • Assembling the object.
  • author’s supervision and coordination of all processes.
  • Implementation of construction together with a partner construction company / link/ (at the client’s request)

What architectural projects are we developing?

The architectural design of the house is aimed at finding solutions, techniques and materials necessary to create a cozy and perfect atmosphere. This complex creative process requires a professional and attentive approach.
Our goal is to create a comfortable and harmonious living environment. We specialize in the development of residential urbanizations, detached houses and villas, multi-storey residential buildings. We also provide services for creating projects for hotels, offices, and public buildings.

What does the design cost depend on ?

The price varies depending on the complexity and scope of work. The final cost depends on the type of structural and architectural solutions used, features of the layout of the premises, and the area of the building. The price for the work is announced only after the specialist evaluates the client’s wishes and calculates the upcoming expenses.
You can order a house project for turnkey construction in our office. Despite the fact that we are located in Spain, this does not prevent us from working productively with clients from all over the world, including from England.

Why is it worth ordering the design of country houses from us?

  • A sound approach – before we start designing buildings, we carefully study the location and features of the site, the relief, the character and lifestyle of the owner, as well as his family members.
  • The individuality of the architectural image(view), manufacturability and aesthetics are the main criteria on which our system of work is based. This guarantees a quality project where all the important details are taken into account.

If you are interested in professional home design services, please, leave your request right now, we will answer all your questions and discuss the terms of cooperation in more detail!