Interior Design

The interior of your home is not only a component of comfortable life. Today it combines such concepts as beauty, self-expression, individuality and functionalism. Design is artistic projecting, the process of creating an environment that is comfortable, convenient and capable of greatly improving your living standards and mood every day.Our interior design studio proposes to transform an idea that exists only in your imagination into a concrete, tangible, three-dimensional world of things and objects. We help to create a new space around you – it is always a new life in which you want to do everything better.


Why do you need a design project?

There is a huge distance between a beautiful dream and a real interior. The first link in the chain is a sketch showing how the room and the furnishings of the house will look like. It is implemented after preparation of the technical requirement and measuring. The second is the project, which includes plans, stylistic solutions and 3D visualization. The third is working drawings for builders, assembling the project and coordination of all processes. The cost of a design project depends on the complexity and composition of the project, the client has the right to choose a tariff according to his budget:

  • SKETCH – includes a measurement plan, a planning solution with furniture arrangement, sketch 3D visualization;
  • STANDARD – includes working drawings and explication of premises, specification of furniture, plumbing and lighting, photorealistic 3D visualization;
  • EXTENDED, includes a full range of works on assembling the object: going with a client to shops, showrooms, factories, preparing estimates from suppliers of furniture, finishing materials, plumbing and lighting appliances, as well as estimates for household equipment. Detailed drawings for kitchen furniture, built-in furniture and dressing rooms are being developed. A procurement schedule and control of supply of materials are formed. All estimates are pre-agreed with the client. In addition, the extended project includes the “author’s supervision” service, which includes visiting the construction site once a week, consulting builders on working drawings, as well as, if necessary, correcting drawings when making changes during the construction process.

What does design services include?

  • Assistance in the formation of technical requirements for design.
  • Creation of an artistic concept.
  • Drafting of project documentation (design project and working drawings).
  • Assembling the object (finishing materials, selection of furniture).
  • The construction implementation with a partner company.
  • Author’s supervision and coordination of all processes.

What projects are we developing?

We create design solutions for offices, private houses, apartments, shops, public spaces in Spain.

Our studio considers the creation of a harmonious interior in tune with the lifestyle and customer’s preferences as its main task. It can be a new classic or one of the modern trends (high-tech, loft, minimalism), or spaces that combine elements of several styles.

Contact the “A-CON” design bureau to order interior design in Spain. You can independently choose a construction company for the implementation of the created project or our construction partner – the Spanish company GrupoGalaxia development, which will save you time and money. In this case, author’s supervision is included in the cost of design services free of charge.