Landscape design

Don’t you feel cozy and comfortable in your exterior? Have you searched through hundreds of interior magazines and web-sites and still couldn’t realize any idea? Let the professionals make your dreams come true!

You can order landscape design in Spain in our company, where specialists work who can turn even the most ordinary-looking plot into an ideal vacation spot. In fact, landscape design is not just an improvement of the territory, but an art in which natural and architectural forms are collected in a single composition.


What is the purpose of a professional landscape?

Landscaping allows you to create a composition in which all elements (trees, paths, flower beds, lawns, small architectural forms, etc.) are designed in the same style and are ideally combined with each other. The territory will look noble and well-groomed, the plants are selected and planted in accordance with the characteristics of the climate and soil and purpose.

What services are included in the development of a project from our bureau?

  • Preparation of technical requirements for design.
  • Concept creation.
  • Drafting of all project documentation.
  • Assembling the object, including the specification of landscaping and exterior furniture.
  • Full project maintenance.
  • Carrying out work on the arrangement of the territory and landscaping, the construction of small architectural forms together with a partner company.

What determines the cost of a landscape design project?

The price of landscape design depends on the complexity and scope of work. You can only include greening and paving paths in the project. If you wish to create a stylish and presentable house plot, you can use ponds, pergolas, sculptures, flowerpots, benches and gazebos.

Our company develops design-projects for both open spaces of private land and public spaces of urban significance. Despite the fact that our office is located in Alicante, there will be no problems with communication: our designer in Spain successfully cooperates with clients from England. In designing a project, experts take into account the climate in the region, geology, and area of the territory.

Advantages of coming to us

  • Individual approach – we create not just beauty in an area adjacent, but a special environment that is in tune with the character of the client.
  • Efficiency – work on creating a design project will be completed within the specified time frame.
  • Bonuses for clients – if the client cooperates on construction with our partners, they receive free author’s supervision and full maintenance.

It’s enough to dream about beautiful landscape design, you can order the project now! We are ready to make your dreams come true!